The message of my art is simple and direct, without a profound statement or complex idea. Its purpose is to embellish a surface with color, harmony and balance, executed with realism in a contemporary setting. We are surrounded by beauty that we often fail to observe. Art is a patient teacher that makes us aware and reminds us that the principal meaning of life is to find joy in the creation and in the magnificence of beauty. To decorate a wall by capturing the essence of a simple subject is a thrill that challenges me to search and find patterns of colors and shapes that are pleasing to the eye to read.  

There are no hidden meanings in my art other than to delight the viewer by depicting the magnificence that interacts between light, color, and composition in familiar subjects. Rather than attempting to force observations to fit preconceived ideas which arise from the failure to observe and actually see the magnificence that surrounds us, my challenge comes in using light to define form and space, and in capturing the essence of a subject through the use of composition, color, technique and design. To bring this new awareness to the viewer is my triumph and reward.

"My studio is filled with good energy. It's my refuge for meditating through my art. Filled with music, light, color, love, peace and beauty it triggers my creativity. It's my personal kingdom."